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Leon Fleisher’s My Nine Lives

26 July 2011

My Nine Lives is a memoir of Leon Fleisher, a pianist and conductor. Fleisher was a child prodigy. However, his career as a pianist was abruptly in jeopardy at his peak (at age 36) in the 1960s when he suddenly lost his ability to play with two hands. The fourth and fifth fingers of his right hand were cramping and curling up.  Nobody could figure out what was wrong with his hand. It was not until in the mid-90s that his problem was diagnosed as focal dystonia, a neurological condition. In the 1990s, with the help of botox treatments, he has regained his two-handed playing. During the 30-year interval, he kept trying other ways to express his passion for music, and became a teacher, conductor, left-handed pianist and arts administrator.

As a music lover and teacher,  I find My Nine Lives delightful!! His thoughts on music and teaching are inspiring! His master class on certain piano pieces, including the Brahms D-minor piano concerto is simply a pleasure!  View his interview with the Newshour here.

He plays “Sheep May Safely Graze” by Bach. Enjoy this peaceful piece!

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  1. Hong, SI permalink
    18 August 2011 7:38 pm

    숙아, 잘 돌아갔지?
    인천공항 갔어야 하는데 공사 건이 터지는 바람에
    (누수에서 시작된 공사가 온수탱크 터지는 사고로 확대)
    정신이 없었어… 다행히 은정이가 바쁜 와중에 갔었나 봐…
    착은 은정이…ㅎ

    한국에서의 일들 때문에 마음이 편하지는 않겠지만
    자연스런 현상이고 감수해야 할 상황이다 생각해야지 뭐…
    사회 시스템도 과거보다 많이 좋아졌고…
    마지막 남은 방학시간 잘 활용하고…

    • 19 August 2011 4:21 pm

      이번 여행은 좀 힘들었는데, 그래도 한국에 잘 갔다 왔다는 생각이 들어. 헌신적인 우리 언니를 보면서 고맙기도하고 안스럽기도 했어… 그와중에 그래도 우리 친구들을 잠시 만날 수 있어서 참 좋았어. 공항에서 언니를 또 볼 수 없어서 아쉬웠지만, 날 보기 위해 일부러 대구에서 올라 온 친구와 은정이를 볼 수 있어서 고맙고 즐거웠어. 내가 늦게 나마 은정이에게 전화하지 않았으면, 공항에서 서로 못 만날 뻔 했어. 아찔~수다떠는 동안 무거운 마음을 잠시 내려 놓고 웃을 수 있었지 (은정이랑 있으면 늘 웃을 일이 생겨). 진짜 우리 친구들 참 좋아!! 좋은 친구가 많다는 것이 얼마나 든든라고 행복한 지 몰라. 언니 여러가지로 생각해줘서 고마워. 언니도 건강하게 잘지내.

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