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Super Sad True Love Story

21 August 2010

A New York Times book review about “Super Sad True Love Story” caught my eye at the end of July.  I’m glad I read that review. This is a super interesting and super creative book! I love this novel! It was very interesting to meet the characters (especially Eunice Park, the heroine) of this novel after I read The Shallows.  Eunice belongs to a wired world where people don’t read, but scan, and people consider books smelly things.  In this world, people are obsessed with youth and looks. And people are extremely connected and communicated through the net. Nonetheless, ironically, genuine human interactions are rare.  On the other hand, Lenny (the protagonist) doesn’t fit in this superficial and vulgar world. He struggles hard to preserve his identity and have inner space for being a human…  This is one of the most interesting novels I have read in recent years! I think this is a must-read book for those who wonder where society is heading.  It’s a great joy to discover this author, Gary Shteyngart this summer. View his interview on PBS.

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